Inspiring Youth To become better people.

Kids that TRI mission:

Founder Bob Seebohar has always had a passion for teaching. He began to appreciate his passion during his time as an undergraduate student in college where he began his career path as a health professional. Studying the intricate aspects of the human body and mind through exercise physiology, nutrition, wellness and behavior change coursework, inspired Bob to share his knowledge with as many individuals as possible. His passion for working with young individuals began during college when he began teaching children how to swim. Teaching such a fundamental skill was inspiring for him because he was able to improve a child's self confidence by teaching them that they could do anything that they set their minds to with positive instruction and guidance. Bob also had the fortunate opportunity to volunteer for various organizations throughout college that focused on improving the health of individuals of all ages and developmental abilities.

The message of inspiration and community engagement are the cornerstones of Kids that TRI. Bob formed the 501c3 non-profit organization as a way to teach youth how to grow into caring, respectful individuals by taking care of themselves and others.